Forging The Healthiest You

Conquer your fears and triumph over your limitations Discover your true self

Welcome to CrossFit Strongsville, and welcome to the journey to discovering the healthiest version of you. At CrossFit Strongsville, we thrive on challenge, we encourage the struggle, and we celebrate the journey. Whether you’ve found yourself here because you’re looking to shed unwanted pounds, put on muscle mass, reverse illness, become a better athlete, and maybe all of the above, you’ve found the best training facility in Strongsville to unleash the best, most capable you. 

CrossFit Strongsville is a fully-equipped CrossFit and strength and conditioning training facility, but we’re more than that. We’re a community of like-minded people working together to reach our personal health and fitness goals. Our coaches are top-notch — they’re knowledgeable, experienced and passionate. They love what they do and they’re dedicated to your success. Our community motivates and inspires from within, we embrace the hard work that comes with the achievement, and we celebrate each other’s successes. 

We’re a diverse group of people who come from different places in life, with unique goals and aspirations, but in working together with a proven methodology under the guidance of experienced trainers, you’re sure to forge the healthiest you. 

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.

George S. Patton

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it now.

 Our Facility 

CrossFit workouts are challenging, but FUN. Our facility is equipped to support the most exciting and effective workouts of your life. With pull-up stations, weightlifting gear, and plenty of outdoor space, we’re able to program traditional CrossFit workouts that combine the best of gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning. With all that our facility has to offer, every day is a different training experience. CrossFit Strongsville has fostered a fantastic relationship with The Healthiest You Chiropractic Center located next door to provide a comprehensive wellness program. We go above and beyond fitness. Check us out. 

  • Since joining about 2 months ago, I have seen a definitive change in myself. When I first started, I was tired all the time, I felt so sore it was almost borderline painful. But with the encouragement of all the coaches, I did not give up! Now two months later, I feel a ton better. I have more energy, I may still be sore after a WOD, but i don't hurt like before; I can even feel myself getting stronger. I want to thank the coaches for the training of technique and the encouragement to continue to get back into shape. But I want to especially thank David for giving me the chance to check the place out. He is such an amazing guy that…

    Kyle K.

  • CrossFit Strongsville is seriously about forging life-long friendships, that are more family-based, as well as making you see your worth. In these past 4 months, I have learned that life is more than about the number on the scale, it’s about more than being a skinny version of yourself. CrossFit Strongsville has done something to me that no shrink has been able to do (EVER) and that is “making me comfortable with myself.”

    Martha R.

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