Success Stories


Our members inspire us daily. Take a look at some of the inspiring stories from our very own community members. We’re excited to share them with you and can’t wait to be a part of your own fitness story!
  • Kate A.

    Joining this gym was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s improved not only my strength, but my self esteem and mentality. I’ve gain muscle, friends and a healthy lifestyle. I went from never working out before to being able to lift weights I never thought I could!

  • Julia P.

    Coach Dave, Coach Rick and the rest of the instructors truly care about your total wellbeing…if you are looking for a new and holistic view on fitness & lifestyle COME HERE!

    Don’t be intimidated by anything or anyone, you will get more support here from your fellow CrossFitters and Coaches than anywhere else. Guaranteed!

  • Katie B.

    I was only interested in CrossFit to help tame my jiggly parts. A few unexpected surprises later, I learned the great network it is of people from all walks of life, supporting each other in so many different ways than just the fitness aspect of it. It is also the furthest thing from the “typical” [scary and intimidating] gym, full of judging and critical stares. It’s more of a bacon-wrapped, cream-cheese-stuffed jalapeño kind of experience, without all the heart-stopping details. And I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface.

  • Kyle K.

    Since joining about 2 months ago, I have seen a definitive change in myself. When I first started, I was tired all the time, I felt so sore it was almost borderline painful. But with the encouragement of all the coaches, I did not give up! Now two months later, I feel a ton better. I have more energy, I may still be sore after a WOD, but i don’t hurt like before; I can even feel myself getting stronger. I want to thank the coaches for the training of technique and the encouragement to continue to get back into shape. But I want to especially thank David for giving me the chance to check the place out. He is such an amazing guy that I am happy to call a great friend!

  • Sarah K.

    David is so inspiring! He’s more than just a coach and a trainer. David and his team really take the time to get to know you and push you to be your absolute best. In the short time I’ve worked with David so far, he has helped me become the more confident, fit, and lean woman I always strived to be. I’ve lost pounds and inches, but I’ve gained a friend and stronger will power than I ever thought possible. If you’re thinking about going, stop thinking. Just go, and I’m sure you’ll quickly be hooked too on the sense of community this gym provides, and the endorphins they drive through you!

  • Julia P.

    You will find dedicated coaches here that are concerned with your whole wellbeing, who truly want you to succeed. You will also find an amazing supportive group of CrossFitters who will cheer you on! You are guaranteed to do more than you think you can!!!

  • Irina Z.

    A great place with some amazing coaches! Definitely recommend going here wether it’s your first time trying CrossFit or if you’ve been doing it for years. David Choma is dedicated, knowledgable, and makes this place feel like home.

  • Robert B.

    Great gym. Being new to CrossFit, I’ve appreciated how remarkably helpful all the coaches have been showing the ropes and making sure appropriate modifications are made while building up strength and experience.

  • Travis M.

    David Choma brings a wealth of knowledge and truly has a cutting edge approach to health and fitness. I absolutely love CrossFit Strongsville and would recommend that everyone in the Strongsville area check them out!!!

  • Andy B.

    CrossFit Strongsville is the best! David is a very energetic and inspirational person to work with. If you like crazy cross fit things do yourself a favor and check them out!

  • Nancy M.

    The nicest folks, wanted to get started in a more FIT life? check it out! Such a comfortable place! David Choma, just the best.”

  • Tim U.

    My wife and I started just last month. It truly is a nice community of friends and family that you become a part of from day one. Don’t be scared to try this you will thank yourself in just a few weeks!


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